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To meet the needs of adult students, DeVry developed its bachelor’s-degree-completion program in Technical Management. The program offers technical specialties to facilitate students’ advancement to supervisory or management positions in their chosen field of specialization. Specialties are shown in the following program outline, as is a general technical option, which students may take in lieu of a specific technical specialty. Program Objectives The program is designed to produce graduates who are able to:

Individual Plans of Study Degree requirements are specified in an individual plan of study developed with each student through academic advising. At least 42 semester-credit hours must be earned in upper-division coursework (DeVry courses numbered 300–499). Program Details Degree: Bachelor of Science in Technical Management. Semesters: 8 full time Minimum credit hours required for graduation: 122 Normal time to complete: 4 years, assuming enrollment in 15–16 credit hours per semester and attending 2 semesters per year; enrollment in 17–20 credit hours may be needed in some semesters (see Course Loads) There may be a slight difference between minimum credit hours required for graduation and total credit hours required if all courses are taken at DeVry. Additional information is available in Programmatic Accreditation and Recognition.

Program Outline Each lettered group in the following outline represents a graduation requirement. Though some courses may appear in more than one course area, each course may be applied to fulfill one graduation requirement only. Additional information is found in Course Offerings and in Course Descriptions.

  1. General Education
    • 40 Of the 40 required hours, a minimum of six semester-credit hours must be successfully completed in each of the following disciplines:
      • Communication Skills (ENGL and SPCH courses),
      • Humanities1 (ETHC, HIST, HUMN, LAS, LTRE, PHIL and RELI courses),
      • Mathematics and Natural Sciences (BIOS, CHEM, MATH, PHYS and SCI courses) and
      • Social Sciences1 (ECON, LAWS, POLI, PSYC and SOCS courses). Students should check with their advisor to ensure that specific courses will apply to their General Education requirements.
    • (a) all of: CARD4052 ; ENGL135; LAS432; MATH114; MATH221
    • (b) selection by technical specialty:
    • All other students – one of 3 :
      • BIOS105; BIOS135; BIOS140; CHEM120; PHYS216; SCI204; SCI214; SCI224; SCI228; SCI230
    • (c) The remaining 19 semester-credit hours4,5,6,7,8,9 are selected from courses with prefixes BIOS, CHEM, COLL, ECON, ENGL, ETHC, HIST, HUMN, LAWS, LTRE, MATH, PHIL, PHYS, POLI, PSYC, RELI, SCI, SOCS and SPCH.
    • For these students the remaining 28 credit hours in general education are taken as follows:
      • (a) all of: CARD405; ENGL135; MATH114; MATH221
      • (b) one of: BIOS105; BIOS135; BIOS140; CHEM120; PHYS216; SCI204; SCI214; SCI224; SCI228; SCI230
      • (c) 10 semester-credit hours from courses with prefixes BIOS, CHEM, COLL, ECON, ENGL, ETHC, HIST, HUMN, LAWS, LTRE, MATH, PHIL, PHYS, POLI, PSYC, RELI, SCI, SOCS and SPCH
  2. Business, Management and Technology
    • (a) all of:
      • BIS155; BUSN115; COMP100; MGMT303; MGMT404
    • (b)one of:
      • BUSN369; BUSN412; BUSN420; MGMT340; MGMT410
    • (c) eight semester-credit hours are selected from any of the following courses that have not been applied to another requirement:
      • ACCT212; ACCT346; BIS245; BUSN319; BUSN379;
      • additional courses from requirement (b); courses in Technical Specialty Option 2, or their prerequisites (except ENGL227 and HIT141).
      • Senior Project – one option is selected
        • (a) BUSN460 (b)all of: BUSN462; BUSN463
  3. Electives11,12,13
    • (a) Through academic advising, electives are chosen from courses substantially different from those used to meet any other graduation requirement. They may be selected from courses listed in this catalog, provided prerequisites are satisfied. Electives may be used to satisfy prerequisites for courses in other course areas, to meet specialized requirements or to pursue a special interest. Qualifying prior college coursework not meeting other program requirements may be applied toward the elective hours.
  4. Technical Specialty – one option is selected
    • The technical specialty consists of a sequence of interrelated courses focusing on a particular career area. With approval from their student support advisor or academic advisor, students choose one of the following options to meet this requirement. If prerequisites for required courses have not been fulfilled, they are added to individual plans of study and become part of students’ graduation requirements.

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