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B.S. Computer Science

Program Description

Computer Science is a constantly evolving discipline. To quote the Association for Computing Machinery, “Computer Science is not simply concerned with the design of computing devices-nor is it just the art of numerical calculation. . . . Computer Science is concerned with information in much the same sense that Physics is concerned with energy; it is devoted to the representation, storage, manipulation, and presentation of information in an environment permitting automatic information systems.”

The Computer Science major at CSUB has three tracks. The Computer Science track follows the guidelines recommended by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The Computer Information Systems track is intended for training application programmers or for those who wish to apply computer science in another discipline. The Hardware track is intended for students who will be working in a hardware or system software environment. Students in the three tracks will take different advanced courses of their choice. A Computer Science minor is also offered.

The Bachelor of Science Degrees with a major in Computer Science require a minimum of 180 units which includes courses for the major (and minor, if selected) and courses for the other university-wide graduation requirements: General Education, American Institutions, First-Year Experience, Gender-Race-Ethnicity, Upper Division Writing, and Foreign Language (see pages 56-63).

Computer Information Systems Track

This track is intended for training application programmers or for those who wish to apply computer science in another discipline.
  1. Introductory courses (16 units):
    • CMPS 150 (or CMPS 215)
    • CMPS 221
    • CMPS 222
    • CMPS 223
  2. Intermediate courses (40 units):
  3. Advanced courses (10 units):
  4. Required Mathematics courses (10 units):
  5. MATH 140 or MATH 192 or higher level mathematics course MATH 190/191

  6. Electives from (35 units):
  7. OR any other 300-400 level computing course taken with the consent of the program advisor. Courses from other departments relevant to CIS (not exceeding 10 units) may be taken with the written consent of the program advisor. A minor in another department can be used to offset some electives upon approval of a Computer Science Department advisor.

  8. Information on General Education Courses


Lower Division

Unofficial Transcript

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